Best Massage Chairs to Buy in 2021 Reviews Features, Pros & Cons Before Buying

In this era of technology people have access to all information related to anything but fetching out the right and useful info is just like selecting the one good product among thousands of others.

What is best for you? What kind of massage chairs available in the market? The one you selected is the one you are looking for or not? Which one is the best massage chair to buy in 2020?

Today in this comprehensive guide we are going to guide you all about Best Massage Chairs 😊 cheers!!! It will definitely help you to buy the right product. 😊

Who is dealing with Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs?

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It has been many years and there has been a great revolution in the quality and branding of best massage chairs. A few of them such as Osaki, Zero Gravity, Infinity, Omega, Titan, GCOO, and many others are offering a number of amazing massage chairs. There is nothing wrong to say that it is one of the exceptional investments for your well-being having countless benefits both physically and psychologically.

Since last few years, it has been observed that a lot of improvements has adopted in the design of massage chairs. You can enjoy from install full body massage to a gentle relaxation massage at the end of your busy day. The massage chairs are fully loaded with such features!

We have narrow down the list of best massage chair to buy in 2020 so that decision making could be easy for you! We have spent many hours testing and exploring the features! So, it is really worthy to have a walk through the entire article!

Why to Buy a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

As I mentioned earlier it is the best investment of your life! You have a huge option of selecting the best massage chair with vast diversity in the price range. Normally the massage chairs start from 1000$ to 2000$ and also some prime products reached around! 10,000. That totally depends upon your considerations like the features you are looking for, design, quality of material, & integrated technologies. In our top picks, we have listed down the chairs having great user ratings moreover, you can also get some low budgeted massage chairs as well!

Top Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs to Buy in 2020

Finally, here comes our top picks related to the top best massage chairs to buy in 2020. For your convenience we have narrowed down the list and find the best products for you.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

In our top picks here comes the hero Kahuna’s LM8600 Best Massage Chair. Highly compact and efficient design with L-Track. This massage chair comes up with 5 different massaging modes.

  1. Shiatsu.
  2. Kneading.
  3. Tapping.
  4. Hybrid tapping and kneading.
  5. Rolling.

This chair also equipped with the smart body scan technology which ultimately helps the chair to customize according to the physique to provide the best fit. With this technology we guarantee you will get the ideal massage.

As far as the automatic massage modes are concerned 2 of the following are signature programs

  • SH-Chiro
  • Full Body Yoga Stretching.

For whole body relaxation this massage chair comes up with the 4 rollers and full-body air massage. You can also get heat therapy for the legs & lower back. Moreover, the dual roller for the feet provide exceptional experience.

One of the prime & important factors is zero-gravity position and Kahuna LM8600 massage chair takes it to a next level and offering the user with 3 different zero gravity positions.


  • L-Track design.
  • Compact & space saving design.
  • Built-in 5 different massaging modes.
  • Full Body Scan technology.
  • Support automatic massaging program.
  • Equipped with 4 rollers, full body air massage & heat therapy.
  • Offers 3 zero gravity positions.
  • Modest price ($1,899.00)
  • Comes up with 3-year warranty.
Comes up with 3 stages of zero gravity recline.
Built-in massaging modes.
3 inches of space. (Space saving design).
Not good fit for the tall users.
Airbags of the chair are too intense for comfort.

Final Verdicts

All in all, there is nothing wrong to say that it is one of the best options at a modest price. You can’t get more than that features at such price that’s why it is our top pick and highly recommended massage chair among our top picks. Undoubtedly it is best to massage chair of 2020 and indeed a great purchasing.

RelaxonChair MK-II Plus from Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The RelaxonChair MK-II Plus is the second product in our top picks which is a bit cheaper in price as compared to the Kahuna LM8600 but comprising of same functionalities & features.

It is a full-body L-shaped massage chair and serving a large number of customers happily. They admire the price range vs features offering. It comes up with 3 zero gravity positions, built-in sensors for a full-body scan which helps to adjust according to the length of your spine. It comes up with unique and fully adjustable airbags. You can easily adjust them up to 3 levels of intensity.

Moreover, as far as the massaging modes of this chair are concerned it comes up with the

  1. Dual Rollers.
  2. Kneading.
  3. Tapping.
  4. Tapping & Kneading.
  5. Shiatsu.

While reviewing the product we came across different reviews in which the user mentions the butt lock-L tracking system of this massaging chair is makes it ideal & best to use for the users who are suffering from painful glutes.

It is also equipped with the separate arm massagers, calf, foot massagers, and 2 heating pads for the lower back. All these features together with offering next-level massage 😊.

You can also customize your massage according to your needs or can also enjoy the fully automatic massaging programs like

  1. Deep Tissue Massage.
  2. Relax Massage
  3. Rejuvenate Massage.
  4. Stretch Massage.


  • L-Shaped Track Design.
  • 3 zero-gravity positions.
  • Equipped with sensors to scan full body.
  • Full body airbags (adjustable).
  • 5 modes of massaging.
  • 4 automatic programs of massaging.
  • Customize your massage.
  • Next level massaging with modest price value.
Amazing hip massager.
Zero Gravity positions 3.
4 Automatic massaging programs.
Foot massager is quite intense.
Not space saving (2-3 feet required).
Hard control is not user-friendly.

Final Verdicts

To sum up all, its is one of the best featuring massaging chair fully loaded with premium features and available at affordable prices. If you have enough room to place this massage chair then it is highly recommended to buy this and save your money. Relax with self with best massage chairs.

EC201 Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Hey, mate are you looking for the prime features in massage chair under $1000 then here we have a gift for you. This gift comes along with zero gravity positions under $1000 and its none other than the Best Massage Chair EC201 full body massaging machine.

While going through reviews of buyers we observed that buyers love full neck-to-buttocks 50 inches of massage which is supremely offered by this massaging machine. EC201 is fully equipped with the super long L-track rail and six rollers mechanism of massage.

Moreover, it is also featuring manual massage modes like kneading, tapping, & shiatsu. Not only this, it is also programmed for following four automatic massages.

  1. Refresh
  2. Relax
  3. Extend
  4. Recover

The features do not end here! There is much more than that. It also equipped with the best sensors to scan the body automatically & let the chair to customize as per your body frame.

Featuring heating therapy (carbon fiber) at the waist and multi-layer airbags for the arms, waist, seat, shoulders, calves, and feet is a perfect add on for a perfect massage. The footrest of the machine is fully extendable and adjustable which accommodate the users having different heights. All these features make it super accessible for everyone having different physiques.


  • Best massage chair under $1000. (Highly affordable with all prime features).
  • Required less space (3 inches space is required – Space saving design).
  • Long L-track (50 inches)
  • Support both manual and automatic massaging modes.
  • Extendable footrest to accommodate all users.
  • Heat therapy.
  • Zero Gravity position.


  • Highly affordable.
  • Compact & Efficient design.
  • Extendable footrest.


  • One zero gravity position.
  • Intensive pressure.
  • User manual could be better.

Final Verdict

If you are really under the budget and don’t want to break your bank then here we have the best thing for you the EC201 full body zero gravity massage chair. Highly recommended because it is really worth in terms of price vs features.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 – Best Performance

There is nothing wrong to say that this massaging chair is fully equipped with all cutting-edge features and that’s why it is the part of our top picks.

The Kahuna SM-7300 comes up with the full-body SL-Track recliner which comprises of 6 rollers and 32 airbags with 5 different levels of intensity options (choose anyone). It is the great blessing of zero gravity and it’s customizable in true sense.

The machine comes up with both manual and automatic modes of massages. To be more precise it comes up with 5 manual massaging modes and 5 automatic massaging programs. These automatic modes are

  1. Yoga Stretching.
  2. Relaxation.
  3. Fast Recovery.
  4. Athlete
  5. Pain Relief.

As far as the zero gravity positions are concerned then it must say that’s there is no match of SM-7300 is automatic Zero-gravity massage programs but it has just one zero-gravity positions. The Zero-gravity massage programs are

  1. Golfer.
  2. Senior Mode.
  3. Office Person.
  4. Dynamic Sport.

Overall the design of the chair is quite space-saving which lets your accommodate the massage chair in tight quarters as well. It requires just only 3 inches of space to recline. The hips of the chair is extendable up to 6ft 5inches.


  • SL-Track Reck liner design.
  • Compact, efficient, and space-saving design.
  • Can support larger heights and weight limits.
  • Packed with 6 rollers & 32 fully adjustable airbags.
  • Equipped with 5 automatic modes of massage.
  • 4 automatic zero-gravity massage programs.
  • Different intensity levels for heat therapy.


  • 4 different auto programs for zero-gravity massages.
  • Can accommodate persons with larger heights and weight limits.
  • Full body massage.


  • The price is higher.
  • The remote design is not user-friendly.
  • Customize setting can’t save in it.

Final Verdicts

If you are not price-conscious and wants automatic zero-gravity massage programs with all other prime features then go with Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 without a single second delay. Highly recommended due to its best performance.

iDEAL Luxury Massage Shiatsu Chair – Review

If you are looking for an ideal massage chair with prime features and highly affordable prices then here is the deal for you to grab the iDeal Luxury Massage Chair. With this chair, you can enjoy multiple zero-gravity positions and also a 3D intelligent detect mode which is most commonly available in high cost products. Under $1300 you can grab this giant with incredible features.

It is equipped with built-in heat therapy & following 4 manual massaging modes & automatic massage programs.

  • Kneading.
  • Vibrating.
  • Spinal Rolling.
  • Shiatsu.

Either you have a free half an hour or just five minutes you can experience supreme relaxation with iDeal Luxury Massage Shiatsu Chair. One of the prime features of this chair is the customizability it offers to its user. You can simply adjust multiple features as per your need to reach a perfect massage with perfect pressure, speed, Airbag intensity, and heat. You will get the message of your dreams.

There is nothing wrong to say that it is providing real massage from top-to-toe which comprises of airbags in the feet and calves. Moreover 6 kneading balls available in the sole of feet.

There is no sound while performing different operations which means iDEAL chair lets you experience a supreme massage as compared to the noisy competitors available in the market.


  • Highly affordable price tag.
  • Multiple Zero-Gravity positions.
  • Support both manual and automatic massage modes.
  • Offering highly customizable massage.
  • Zero or no noise.
  • Equipped with 6 kneading balls available in the sole of feet.


  • Comes up with 3 different zero-gravity positions.
  • Equipped with the 48 airbags.
  • The heat intensity, speed, and airbags pressure is fully adjustable.


  • No extendibility or stretching function.
  • Doesn’t equipped with the moving rollers in feet.
  • It might be not enough intensive.

Final Verdicts

That’s all about the iDEAL Luxury Massage Shiatsu Chair undoubtedly it is equipped with prime features with a low price tag. If you consider price vs features then it is quite better due to multiple-zero gravity positioning and fully customizable massage feature.

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Medical Massage Chair

If you have a big budget or money is not a problem for you then we highly recommend you to consider this amazing & astonishing massage chair Luraco iRobotic 7 Plus. This amazing massage chair completely operates on the OS (Operating System) just like your smartphones and computers. To interact with OS it comes with a touchscreen remote.

It is specially classified as one of the best medical massage chairs which has been proven by a third-party researcher that it has incredible medical health benefits.

It comes up with both manual and automatic massage modes. It has 3 manual massage modes like

  1. Tapping
  2. Kneading
  3. Rolling

However, it has 9 different programmed massage types with the options to highlight the area of the body you want to be massaged. The intensity, speed, and heat of the massage are fully adjustable.

Another important feature which truly defines it is the option to save customize settings for up to 5 different users. So, no need to define every time your massaging features. Enjoy a hassle-free customized massage.

Moreover, it is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers and 100 air cells. You will enjoy full adjustable heat therapy and much more zero gravity position. The footrest is extendable which can easily support use up to 6 ft 7 inches tall.


  • Operating system based best massage chair with a touch screen user interface.
  • Has a lot of medical benefits.
  • Support both manual and automatic modes of massage.
  • Customize setting save option for up to 5 different users. (Hassle-free customization)
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers and 100 air cells.
  • Fully adjustable heat therapy.
  • Can easily support taller users.


  • Amazing new technology.
  • Amazing medical health benefits.
  • Gold plating features like Built-in Bluetooth.


  • Price is much higher.
  • Design is not space-saving.
  • Few manual massage modes.

Final Verdicts

Although the price is at the highest peak functionality is also leading to the sky. If you have no issue of budget and want supreme massage then go with the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Medical Massage Chair.

Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you want to experience the next generation massage technology & supreme massage then here is the Osaki OS-4000T best massage chair for you. The price is somewhere between the lower and upper limit.

Air massage technology actually covers the complete area with lower number of total airbags. To be more precise 38 airbags which means it is ready to offer comprehensive massage. One of the best feature of this machine latest model is the reflexology foot roller which makes it ideal for the users who spend most of the time of day on feet. You will get deep acupressure massage with the 2 rows of spinning rollers.

It comes up with all the features which you can expect from a high performance massage chair an only $2000+, it also equipped with a number of gold platting features.

Osaki OS-4000T with zero gravity positioning is offering a deeper massage. There is nothing wrong to say that most of the buyers praised & love it. It is also comes up with the full body scan functionality which makes the chair customized as per your body fit.

It is equipped with the both manual and automatic massage modes. You will enjoy 6 different massage styles together with the 6 different built-in massages for a full-body massage. You can have full control over the intensity and speed of both airbags and rollers.


  • Next Generation Massage technology.
  • 38 airbags to cover up the whole surface of the chair.
  • Equipped reflexology foot roller for the best massage.
  • Cover 2 stages Zero gravity positioning.
  • Sensors to scan the full body.
  • Support both manual and automatic massage modes.


  • Unique Reflexology foot roller for a foot massage.
  • Next-generation super effective airbags.
  • Multiple zero gravity positioning.


  • Fit is not good for 6 ft or taller users.
  • Price is higher.
  • Seems massage rollers stop around the lower back.

Final Verdicts

If you have no issue with the price and you can afford some high tech machines then it is highly recommended to go for it due to amazing functions unique reflexology foot rollers and other features. Buy this!

RealRelax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Favor 03

If you are looking for the best massage chair under $1000 then here comes the Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Favor-03. It is the true return of investment and meets all of your needs. It is fully enriched of best features which mostly found in the expensive massage chairs, for instance, zero-gravity position, heat therapy, and vibration.

You might be wondering about such less price of the product with amazing features then the main reason for such a low cost is its old school frame. Instead of having an S-track design it follows the natural curve of the spinal cord from the spine to the tailbone or any L-Track which actually extends through the natural curves of spinal, this model of the chair has fixed frame chair.

The rollers of this unit offer the stationary back massage only turning in place instead of offering the vertical strokes across the spine.

Above all, it comes up with the 4 automatic massage programs which are quite simple and can only differentiate based on the intensity level of pressure. These programs are

  1. Sleep
  2. Mild
  3. Relaxing
  4. Strong

Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is equipped with the air cell technology which actually offers the full-body massage. For the massage to reach down the toes it comes up with the separate foot rollers and heaters which extended down to feet.


  • Enriched of all premium features.
  • Low budgeted best Massage Chair.
  • Zero-gravity Reclining.
  • Automatic and Manual Mode of Massaging.
  • Air Cell technology massage.
  • Equipped with the foot rollers and heaters.
  • Equipped with 50 airbags for full body massage.


  • Support zero-gravity positioning.
  • Featuring foot rollers massage.
  • Offering full-body massage with 50 airbags.


  • Fixed Frame doesn’t have S or L-track design.
  • Poor fit for tall users.
  • Pressure could be enough intensive for some.

Final Verdicts

If you are looking for premium features best massage chair under $1000 then Real Relax full-body Shiatsu is the best massage chair for you. You won’t get much more in terms of features with such an affordable price.

Faux Leather Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Premium Choice

If the budget and low cost is your main budget and you don’t want to break your bank then this pocket-friendly machine is the perfect selection for you! Highly capable to meet all the massage needs by keeping in view your wallet. Just around $200+ you can receive this product at your doorstep.

You will definitely miss all the fancy features like full airbags, zero-gravity recline, and others. This massage chair has a fixed frame and it lacks the moving rollers for Shiatsu and kneading for the back massage. According to the user reviews, the Faux Leather Electric Massage Chair is just a vibrating machine.

The users reviewed that the chair offers a good massage by using its limited functionality in a proper manner. It offers the massage from upper back down to the claves. Moreover, it also comes up with the 5 simple automatic massage programs which actually truly combine the vibration and heat therapy. In addition to this, the heat and vibration are fully controllable the user can easily access from 9 levels of intensity.

You might not get therapeutic pain relief from this massage chair but I must say that it is a perfect option if you want relaxation without run out of money. So, enjoy! Cheap massage chairs.


  • Pocket friendly price tag.
  • Fixed frame.
  • Offer massage with fine combination of vibration & heath.
  • Equipped with heat therapy.
  • Programmed 5 fixed automatic massage programs.
  • 9 different level of intensity.


  • Highly affordable and low-price tag.
  • Fully adjustable intensity.
  • Support heat therapy.


  • Vibrating massage only.
  • Old fixed frame design.
  • Not for long term use or not durable.

Final Verdicts

If you are focusing on low price and can ignore some fancy features then this is the best product for you. It could meet basic needs of your massage and can relax you from tiring busy routine of the day.

Human Touch Novo XT2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you are looking for pricing option with a lot of features then go with the Novo XT2 Massage chair. It is equipped with all the features you can imagine and depicts truly the consideration of price vs features.

The prime features of this massage chair included the zero-gravity massage & full-body stretching. It also supports a smartphone app which actually converts your smartphone into a remote control which is actually a true replacement of touch screen in i7’s massage chair we reviewed above.

This unit also offers cloud touch acupressure full body massage and it is achieved through fine placement of air cells and it is truly remembering me the 100 airbags of i7’s for full body massage.

The only difference between the Novi XT2’s and i7’s is the space-saving body. It has hybrid S-L track which actually covers all the regions of the body effectively.

On the other hand, it doesn’t come up with any Operation system and in this sense, i7’s is a winner and awarded as the more innovative body. But it has its own several outstanding features which are ready to amaze the users.

It is also equipped with the 35 different automatic massage programs so explore all of them. It also comes up with gold platting features like Bluetooth streaming, premium quality of sound and much more. So, what are you waiting for?


  • All premium features you can imagine.
  • Zero-gravity positioning.
  • Full-body stretching.
  • Hybrid S-L Track design.
  • Can accommodate all tall and bulky users.
  • 35 different automatic massage programs.
  • Gold platting features like Bluetooth, speakers, and others.
  • Space Saving body.
  • Can easily control through an application on Smartphone. (your smartphone could be its remote).


  • 35 different preprogrammed massages.
  • Comes with the zero-gravity massage.
  • Compact & space-efficient design.


  • Expensive product.
  • Less equipped with innovative technology as compared to price.
  • Nobody scans.

Final Verdicts

Although it is $500 less than Luraco iRobotic 7 Plus but lacking a lot of features as compared to price. If you are agreeing on spending such amount of money then we suggest you spend $500 more and enjoy supreme massage.

Buying Guide | Factors to Consider Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs before Buying

Believe me, a massage chair is much more than just a piece of furniture. If you are coping with the regular stress of work and discomfort then a little bit relaxation can improve your life 😊. Because the right massage chair will help you to move better, feel better, and even though sleep better.

Here we have mentioned some factors you should consider before finalizing any massage chair! These factors could help you to find the best.

How to Select Best Massage Zero Gravity Chairs?

While considering the best massage chairs in 2020 there are many factors you must consider. It might be difficult at a start to find the best massage chair but after a great research we have narrowed down the list of factors which are really crucial and can truly impact your purchasing. While going through a huge collection of products specifications, features and reviews by individuals we have narrow down the factors.

You must consider the opinions of both what users say about products and what experts say about popular massage chair models. Here you can find comprehensive insights about different products and factors which helps you to find which chairs actually worth your money. Here is the list of factors which actually impact your purchasing.

  • Design of Track.
  • Key Demand features like Zero-gravity positions.
  • Modes of Massage.
  • Advance technology (Body Scanning features)
  • Price or Budget.
  • Gold Platting (Built-in Bluetooth speaking for music streaming)

Selecting One of the Best Roller Track Design

The prime factor you should definitely consider while comparing the best massage chairs is the design of track. You might be thinking that what is track design, a track design is the one which actually refers to the shape of track on which the rollers move. Decades ago, the massage chair comes with the fixed frames and stationary vibrating massage heads.

With the massage of time & technology advancement the things become better. Many of the best massage chairs available in the market comes up with the S-Track design named after the sinusoidal curve of the human spine. The S-Shape track offer better massage. You may also familiar with the L-tracks which is sometimes called the hybrid L/S tracks.

Full-body massage chairs comes up with some additional rollers for legs and feet massage. Few vendors offering airbag for massaging of legs, feet, and arms.

Seating Position with Zero Gravity

We all are aware of universal law of gravity. Gravity constantly pulling your body towards the core of earth. A massage chair having zero gravity seating position will let you to distribute your mass of body, remove the strain of constant gravity and let you enjoy & have better results from your massage.

Just because of these amazing benefits of zero-gravity it is considered as one of the prime features and now a days many massage chairs available in market featuring zero gravity position. Some of the vendors took zero gravity massage chair to an extreme next level in which they are offering more than one zero-gravity positions.

Compact & Efficient Design

It is a fact that massage chairs occupy a great part of living space. It has been commonly observed that recliners require 2 or more feet extra open space behind them.

Latest & new models of the massage chairs come up with the compact and space-efficient design which actually reduce the space to just 2 to 3 inches.

So, mates if you are facing less space issue then it is highly recommended to go with the space-saving design or compact & efficient design.

Massaging Modes

It is best to consider the chair having both automatic and manual modes of massage. The manual mode of massage may include the tapping, kneading, a fine combination of kneading and tapping, rolling, and Shiatsu (Popular Japanese acupressure technique).

Whereas the automatic modes come up with the fine combination of massage methods and other technologies in a great way, for instance, full-body Yoga Stretching or special preprogrammed massage for the office workers, golfers or especially for the old age citizens.

Heat therapy

Heat Therapy is one of the most common features which is commonly found in almost all massage chairs but there is diversity with different configuration and options. Such as some of the chairs offer heat therapy for the spine or some offers for legs and lower back only or some offering just for the waist and hip region.

It totally depends on you what kind of heat therapy you are looking for. In some massage chairs, you can have full control over the heat because it comes with totally adjustable controls.

Scanning Feature

All of us have a different physique like different weights, heights, and builds. The human masseuse naturally adjusts the massage according to the physique of the client but what about massage chair having body scanning functionality.

It is a fact that many prime massage chairs come with the intelligent scanning system which compiled of smart sensors in order to measure the body frame and to customize itself in real-time to offer a great massage as per your body. This means you can get better and personalized massage and experience the massage just like the human masseuse massage you at spa.

How much does a zero gravity massage chair cost?

The message chair is one of the best investments and it a fact. Most of the massage chairs come up with at least $1000 to $2000 and a few prime products come up to $8000. But there are few other massage chairs offering quite relaxing massage and having a few hundred-dollar price range.

But I must bet that this investment could save a lot of your money which you spend while visiting a spa for massage. Save your money and invest one time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs:

How many Air Cells to Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Have?

The number of air cells varies from chair to chair some of them having a great numbers of air cell while some of them having just only one layer of air cells in order to provide high pressure when the chair inflated.

Which Massage Chair is better with S-Track or L-Track Design?

The L-Track is better than S-Track design because L-Track can easily extendable up to 49 inches while S-Track can extendable only up to 31 inches in length. That’s mean L-Track can easily accommodate taller users as well.

3D Massage Rollers or 4D Massage Rollers?

As far as our knowledge 3D rollers are far more than enough because 4D rollers are quite higher in price.

How Important these automatic massage chairs are?

Automatic Program massage chairs just make things super easy for you. But if a chair can save your customized massage program then it is much better than automatic programs.

Are Customizable Adjustment Settings Really That Essential?

Looking for a customized fit setting in the chair is undoubtedly a good idea. It will allow you to have customized fully and let you adjust the pressure intensity, heating as you wish.

Do All These Chairs Come with Inbuilt Music Players and Speakers?

No, not all of them comes along with the built-in music players and speakers only a few of them are equipped with these gold platting items.